01. In the Japanese [legend] "Momo Taro," an old couple find a little boy inside a giant peach.
02. The native people of our state have many wonderful [legends] regarding the creation of our world.
03. According to [legend], Korea was founded in 2333 B.C.
04. There is a [legend] of a creature known as the Sasquatch which is said to live in remote areas of British Columbia.
05. Rock [legend] Eric Clapton is featured in a special concert on channel 5 tonight.
06. The President's drunken speech to the U.N. has become a [legend] in journalism circles.
07. His grandmother told him the old [legends] of their culture when he was a child.
08. Winston Churchill's fierce determination, and stirring speeches were [legendary] during World War Two.
09. The singer has achieved [legendary] status in the music industry over the course of his 25-year career.
10. [Legend] has it that in 1284, the Pied Piper lured 130 children of Hamelin away, and they were never seen again.
11. An African [legend] suggests that coffee was discovered after an Ethiopian shepherd noticed that his sheep stayed awake all night after eating coffee cherries.
12. According to [legend], Denmark's flag dropped from the sky as a sign of God's favor.
13. In their [legends], the people of Vietnam claim to be the descendants of a dragon.
14. His bravery is [legendary]. Everyone says that he is afraid of nothing.

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